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The Up’s, Downs, Success and Lessons From Building a Real Estate Empire.

Jared Hope is a Canadian ex-NHL player, avid income property investor and Founder/CEO of Tilt Property Group. Jared lives in Edmonton, Alberta and owns over 280 properties with plans on increasing that number exponentially by 2020.

Guest: CEO & Founder of Tilt Property Group, JARED HOPE

Jared Hope is a Canadian ex-NHL player, avid income property investor and Founder/CEO of Tilt Property Group. Jared lives in Edmonton, Alberta and owns over 280 properties with plans on increasing that number exponentially by 2020.

Jared founded Tilt Property Group in 2003, with his wife, Krista Hope.
Tilt is Edmonton’s most comprehensive property management and real estate investment company that makes it easy for any Canadian to own income property.

Jared’s purpose is to teach people to create wealth through income property while avoiding the expensive mistakes he made when he started out on his own. He takes a strict NO-BS stance at his speaking engagements and shares candidly what it takes to win at the game of property investment.

Jared also runs the Mastermind Program, a mentorship and education community of like-minded, action-oriented investors who want to use income property to secure a stable financial future.

You will learn about:

– How to scale up from 5-6 to 100+ properties
– Crucial mistakes to avoid when working with a JV partner
– What you should do when working on your first JV
– Alternative JV exit tips and strategies
– Why longer term JV partnerships make more sense to your REI business
– Building your REI business in slow motion for less stress and worry.

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Episode 23- What to Look for & What to Avoid With Basement Conversions

In this episode of Where Should I Invest the Podcast, we interview Ken Bekendam from my favourite investment city of Brantford Ontario. Ken Bekendam is a full-time Real Estate Investor and expert in basement conversions.
Listen and learn about. . .
– How to successfully complete a basement conversion
– What to look for and pitfalls to avoid
– What the numbers look like
– How to get permits and approvals
– Hear about how Ken was able to grow his portfolio
And so much more. . .

To get a hold of Ken, reach out to him directly on Facebook by searching Ken Bekendam or meet him in person at the next REITE Club meeting as he is a regular attendee.

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Episode 22- How to Find Off-Market Deals

In this episode of Where Should I Invest, Sarah featured Kory MacKinnon and his journey in Real Estate Investing. Kory MacKinnon is a successful Real Estate Investor with over decade of experience. He started with a 6-plex property back in
2005 and today managing 20+ properties / 60+ rental units. In this episode, he will share his experience on how he was mentored by his landlord and walk us through how he transitioned himself from having a corporate job to doing Real Estate full time. Also he bought a house for only $5k, WHAT!? Hear about it here and more….
Listen to learn about. . .
– Finding off market deals
-Different real estate investing methods
– The BRRR method
– Multifamily properties
– and so much more!
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Episode 19- How to Buy Properties Without Using Your Own Money

Dave Dubeau is a professional real estate investor, a best selling author and a highly sought after trainer. In this episode, Dave shares his tips and tricks on how to raise capital and how to buy real estate without using your own money.

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn about Dave’s humble beginnings.
  • Get great tips on how to raise capital in Real Estate
  • Learn about the steps Dave takes in order to raise capital and learn about the strategies he teaches at his bootcamps.

Contact Information:

For more details on Dave’s bootcamp visit 2018.investorattractionworkshop.com

For more information or to reach Dave, visit www.davedubeau.com  

Episode 11- The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Real Estate Financing

Are you a real estate investor looking to sharpen your skills? Or a newbie looking for your first investment? You’ve come to the right place! Join host Sarah Larbi for a journey into the world of Canadian Real Estate Investing. In this episode, Sarah sits down with award winning mortgage broker Dalia Barsoum to discuss financing options for investors.


Today’s Guest:


Dalia Barsoum is an experienced mortgage broker and real estate investor who specializes in helping real estate investors scale their business without hitting the financing wall. Dalia is a well-known mortgage broker in the real estate investor community who focuses on solving complex problems and helping clients achieve their real estate goals. Dalia is also Sarah’s mortgage broker and she has saved Sarah thousands of dollars and has helped scale up her portfolio still with A lenders. Dalia is also a best-selling author who wrote Canadian Real Estate Investor Financing: 7 Secrets to Getting All the Money You Want. In this episode of “Where Should I Invest?” Dalia shares her tips and tricks for choosing the best financing options.



Episode Highlights:


  • Discover the importance of planning your financing

  • Learn the difference between banks, trust companies, credit unions and private lenders

  • Learn how to strategically use certain lenders at appropriate times and circumstances

  • Discover the difference between commercial financing and residential financing

  • Learn about down payment requirements, refinancing properties and mortgage rates

  • Understand Canada’s new mortgage rules and how they impact real estate investors

  • Gain an understanding of the January 1, 2018 stress test

  • Learn how to finance flips and properties that need significant renovations

  • Learn about mortgage plus improvement options for financing

  • Receive tips for purchasing recreational properties and raw land

  • Discover financing solutions for the self-employed individuals

  • Learn how you can grow your investment business without hitting the financing wall



Contact Information:

For more information, visit www.streetwisemortgages.com or send an e-mail to Dalia’s attention at info@streetwisemortgages.com