Episode 2- Leverage the Skills of Experts to Find Great Deals

Are you a real estate investor looking to sharpen your skills? Or a newbie looking for your first investment? You’ve come to the right place! Join host Sarah Larbi for a journey into the world of Canadian real estate investment. In this episode, Sarah sits down with Manny Munir to discuss market trends and opportunities in Brantford, Ontario.


Today’s Guest:

Manny Munir is an investor and realtor who hails from Brantford, Ontario. Manny started investing at an early age, purchasing his first property at just 21  years old. Today, Manny owns 22 properties throughout Brantford, London, Welland and Toronto. In this episode of “Where Should I Invest?” Manny shares valuable tips to help you turn your investment goals into reality.


Episode Highlights:

  • Discover the importance of becoming a market expert
  • Explore trends and opportunities in Brantford, Ontario
  • Receive tips to help you find the right property and screen potential tenants
  • Learn how to identify and attract your target market
  • Understand the importance of time management
  • Learn how you can leverage the skills of experts in order to find great deals


Contact Information:

For more information, contact Manny Munir: