Episode 7- The Benefits of Flipping Fire Damaged Houses

Are you a real estate investor looking to sharpen your skills? Or a newbie looking for your first investment? You’ve come to the right place! Join host Sarah Larbi for a journey into the world of Canadian real estate investment. In this episode, Sarah sits down with Michael Domenichetti to discuss house flipping and fire-damaged homes.


Today’s Guest:

Michael Domenichetti was first exposed to real estate while helping his father renovate and manage rental properties. At 26 years old, he purchased his first property with his sister. Today, Michael is a skilled investor and realtor. In this episode of “Where Should I Invest?” Michael shares tips for investing in Hamilton, Ontario and the surrounding area.


Episode Highlights:

  • Discover the challenges and benefits of flipping a fire-damaged home
  • Learn how to evaluate a potential flip project efficiently
  • Receive tips for creating a realistic budget for your project
  • Gain insight into Hamilton and the surrounding area
  • Learn where you can find affordable materials for your renovation
  • Discover the importance of networking and referrals


Contact Information:

For more information, contact Michael Domenichetti by telephone at (888) 444-7237 or visit mdrealestategroup.com.